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IDEX Decentralized Exchange

Trade instantly on our high performance, real-time decentralized exchange secured by smart-contract.

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Aurora is a collection of Ethereum applications and protocols that together form a decentralized banking and finance platform.

Aurora provides an advanced, open, and stable financial network, accessible by anyone in the world regardless of geographic location or class status. Aurora’s own stable currency, the boreal, is backed by a combination of cryptocurrency reserves, debt, and retailer endorsement, and is available to customers via loans based on their digital economic reputation.

Traders on IDEX, the network’s decentralized smart contract exchange, can utilize the boreal as payment for trading fees or as a stable base currency.

The Platform

IDEX, the first high-performance decentralized exchange, provides both real-time trading and on-chain settlement.

Traders on IDEX can trade continuously without waiting for transactions to mine, place true market orders and fill multiple orders at once, and cancel orders immediately without gas costs.

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Boreals are the price-stable cryptocurrency of Aurora, backed by a combination of ether reserves, demand for loan repayment, and retailer endorsement.

Traders on IDEX receive a discount when paying fees in Boreals, generating demand for the currency and supporting the target price.

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Snowglobe is a protocol for high-performance, EVM-compatible, decentralized sidechain exchanges.

The protocol enables all exchanges on the network to share liquidity while maintaining their high-performance characteristics and network token. IDEX and Boreals will both operate on the Snowglobe network enabling Aurora to scale to meet demand.

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Decentralized Capital (DC) is an autonomous, decentralized bank for the blockchain age, providing boreal loans to users anywhere in the world.

Secured by Snowglobe, DC utilizes blockchain based identity systems such as uPort plus in-house risk and third-party credit ratings such as Bloom to minimize loan default risk and provide a borderless, digital banking solution.

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Snowglobe will serve as the base of the Aurora ecosystem and create a foundation for distributed computing systems such as Golem to integrate with Aurora. Distributed computing will allow Aurora to run computationally heavy components such as the autonomous banker, responsible for managing Decentralized Capital, or the autonomous market maker that helps maintain boreal price stability.

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Crypto-membership: free trades on IDEX until 2020

2x market making rewards for life

Includes 50,000 free AURA

Token Information


DVIP Address



Protocol token of Snowglobe/Aurora

Users stake AURA to secure the network

Stakers rewarded with fees from IDEX and DC

Token Information

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Price stable cryptocurrency

Backed by Ether reserves, debt, and retailer endorsement

Enables decentralized lending

Token Information

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Token Sale

Token Sale

Token Sale Ends on Thursday January 11th, 2018 at 4pm UTC

Sale Details

Start Date

December 11th

Monday December 11th, 2017 at 4PM UTC

End Date

January 11th

Thursday January 11th, 2018 at 4PM UTC

Exchange Rate

$3000 USD/DVIP

Paid in ETH

Hard Cap

1600 DVIP


80 million AURA


Only ETH Accepted

No Minimum

More Info

Unsold DVIP will be burned