The Aurora products are being consolidated under the IDEX brand in the interest of brand awareness. Learn more here.
Aura Token

The AURA Token

AURA  is the primary token of IDEX and the Aurora project, allowing users to directly contribute to and benefit from the project. Users can stake AURA and earn fees collected by IDEX in return for helping secure components of our decentralized architecture (see below). Additionally, AURA also incentivizes platform adoption and trading volume through IDEX trading rewards which are automatically distributed to users’ wallets based on their monthly trading volume.

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Aura Staking

AURA staking allows users to run specialized nodes that execute or manage specific functions related to IDEX and future Aurora products. In return for helping distribute various “tiers” of our product architecture, node operators are compensated in ETH.

Staking Tiers

Staking revenue is based on the node tier, node uptime, and amount of AURA staked. More computationally intensive tiers will require a higher stake and will earn a higher percentage of the total fees collected; the more resources you contribute, the more ETH you earn.

How to Stake