Stable​ ​Cryptocurrency​
for​ ​the​ ​Modern​ ​World

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Boreal is the stablecoin of the Aurora network. Inspired by free banking, each boreal is backed by a combination of ether reserves, debt from loans, and dapp endorsement.

Dapp support begins with IDEX, as Boreals will always be accepted at their target value as payment for trade fees. Guaranteed redemption on IDEX will help maintain the price as traders are incentivized to purchase boreals and lower their trading costs whenever the currency falls below target. Boreal will also serve as a base asset, allowing traders on IDEX to minimize risk by trading against a stable base currency.

Ether revenue from direct purchases is allocated to the reserves, creating a pool of funds to market make boreals around the target price and reduce supply whenever it outstrips demand. As boreal usage grows, Aurora will begin to issue loans in the currency through the first cryptobank, Decentralized Capital. These debts will act as another form of collateral for boreals and will generate additional boreal demand due to the required use of boreals in loan repayment, both principal and interest. When the ecosystem is fully developed, users will be able to redeem their boreals for the underlying ether at any time, creating a true crypto-banking platform.


By backing the boreal with a basket of decentralized assets, Aurora provides a new form of cryptocurrency with price stability that is on par with existing fiat options


Boreals match or exceed the stability of fiat currencies.


Each boreal can be exchanged for the eth backing it.

Low Cost

No transfer fees on the Aurora sidechain.


Anonymous transactions on the Aurora sidechain.