A sidechain protocol that enables high-performance DEX’s to share liquidity and scale indefinitely

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Snowglobe is the backbone of the Aurora ecosystem, a separate network and protocol for high-performance, EVM-compatible, decentralized exchanges.

Snowglobe allows for all exchanges on the protocol to share liquidity through a unified order book while still maintaining their high-performance characteristics. Each exchange can have their own sidechain and POS token enabling operators to take advantage of unique network effects while still participating in the Snowglobe shared liquidity pool. The IDEX sidechain and the Snowglobe network are both secured by staking the AURA token. Stakers are rewarded with transaction fees from IDEX, DC banking, and any other future Aurora products.


Snowglobe is the only protocol to enable shared liquidity without sacrificing the user experience

Real Time

Post, Fill, and Cancel orders immediately, without waiting for previous transactions to mine


Users can fill multiple orders at once and trade continuously, unaffected by Snowglobe block times

No Gas Costs

PoS miners are paid in transaction fees from trading, eliminating gas costs for traders


Exchanges on Snowglobe scale indefinitely to meet the needs of a global network


Exchanges share one order book improving price efficiency and reducing trade costs


PoS mining ensures that the Snowglobe chains are as secure as the Ethereum blockchain