Token Sale

The token sale has sold out. Thank you.

IDXM (formerly DVIP) and AURA are unlocked and transferable! Learn more here.

IDXM and AURA are listed and tradable on IDEX.

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1600 IDXM Sold
0 IDXM Left
80,000,000 AURA Given
5411.38 ETH Raised
Public Sale
Sale Details

Start Date

December 11th

Monday December 11th, 2017 at 4PM UTC

End Date

January 11th

Thursday January 11th, 2018 at 4PM UTC

Exchange Rate

$3000 USD/IDXM

Paid in ETH

Hard Cap

1600 IDXM


80 million AURA


Only ETH Accepted

No Minimum

More Info

Unsold IDXM will be burned


IDXM Benefits

Free trades until 2021


2x Rewards for LIFE!


50,000 AURA Tokens

Benefits on IDEX

Receive 3 years of free trades on IDEX and double market making rewards for life!

Purchase at least 1 IDXM to receive the maximum benefits. IDXM benefits are pro-rated based on the amount of IDXM held in a wallet and the user’s choice of rewards.

The world’s fastest Ethereum decentralized exchange

Example Savings on IDEX

See the estimated savings that owning at least 1 IDXM brings if you were an average trader on these popular platforms.


Est. Savings

Estimated Values

$30m USD

Est. Daily Volume in 2018


Daily Traders

$15k USD

Volume per Trader

Est. Savings

Estimated Values

$37m USD

Daily Volume


Daily Traders

$14k USD

Volume per Trader


Est. Savings

Estimated Values

$500m USD

Daily Volume


Daily Traders

$17k USD

Volume per Trader

* Estimates calculated for an average user’s volume over the full 3 year fee benefits period when owning 1 or more IDXM. Fractional ownership provides proportional benefits.

Aurora Token Benefits

In addition to IDEX benefits, each IDXM comes with 50,000 FREE AURA, the official staking token of the Aurora network.

AURA stakers are rewarded with transaction fees from IDEX, DC banking, and any other future Aurora products for their role in securing the Snowglobe network. This is the only opportunity to acquire AURA directly outside of our IDEX market making rewards program!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase IDXM?

IDXM tokens are available for sale via our smart contract and can be purchased using ETH by clicking the Contribute Now button at the top of the page.

General information:

  • Each IDXM is priced at $3,000, and IDXM is divisible up to 8 decimal places.
  • Transactions must come from your personal Ethereum wallet such as Metamask, Myetherwallet, Parity, Mist or Ledger.
  • If you send funds from an exchange you may lose your contribution.
  • To ensure that the transaction is successful, please set the gas limit to at least 150,000.
  • There is no minimum contribution amount.

When a new purchase transaction arrives, the contract will automatically dispense the appropriate amount of IDXM tokens to the sending address.

What is AURA?

AURA is Aurora’s network Proof-of-Stake (POS) token. Income from Aurora is used to compensate those who stake their AURA and provide security for the Snowglobe protocol.

Can I purchase AURA directly?

No, the only way to acquire AURA is through IDXM redemption or earning them through our market maker rewards program by making trades on IDEX.

How do I redeem IDXM for AURA tokens?

Once the token sale has ended, AURA tokens will be airdropped to the addresses holding IDXM at a rate of 50,000 AURA per 1 IDXM. After the airdrop has occurred, both IDXM and AURA transfers will be enabled and users will be able to transfer their tokens.

How do I use my membership benefits (IDXM)?

To use your membership just send the IDXM token to the same wallet you use for IDEX transactions and the smart contracts will do the rest! There is no need to deposit the membership onto IDEX-- you only need to hold them in your wallet.

Members who trade on IDEX are eligible for reduced trade fees and/or increased rewards, whichever the member chooses. When holding less than one whole IDXM token the benefits are prorated, i.e. 0.5 IDXM entitles the member to ½ off IDEX trade fees.

Do I get more benefits if I purchase more than one IDXM during the token sale?

Users can purchase more than one membership. While owning more than one membership will not increase your maximum reward earning potential (i.e. 2x market making rewards, zero trading fees, or a mix of both), IDXM can be traded on exchanges for its current market value. Each IDXM purchased during the token sale also entitled the token holder to 50,000 AURA per IDXM in the AURA airdrop.

Note: The AURA airdrop is complete. Purchasing IDXM on the open market after the token sale does not entitle new owners to AURA.

Can I transfer or sell my IDXM?

IDXM tokens can be transferred to any other wallet on Ethereum. In the event of a transfer, membership benefits on IDEX will apply after a one week incubation period; any trades prior to the end of this incubation period will be charged the standard transaction fee or earn standard rewards. This incubation period has been instituted to discourage abuse of the transferability of the membership token (i.e. buying it for five minutes to initiate a large trade and then selling it again). Any changes to the IDXM balance will reset the incubation period for all IDXM that is not fully incubated. Active IDXM is not affected by balance changes.

Do you have a thread on Bitcointalk?

Yes! Please visit us on Bitcointalk to view additional details about the project and to join the conversation.

Why did you switch from DVIP to IDXM? What is IDXM?

For various reasons including brand consistency, we moved from DVIP to IDXM. IDXM stands for "IDEX Membership". All membership benefits including free AURA remain the same. Please read here to learn more.

Have more questions?

If you need any more information please reach out to us via telegram or our contact page.